Çiçek Makine Mezbahane sistemleri (Slaughter house system) gets excited for sharing knowledge and experience which it had throughout production more than 30 years with you our valuable customers. Services in our company which has expert staff which makes production in salughter house since it has been founded are mainly bovine bleeding şine equipments, ovine line equipments and slaughtering equipments and stainless equipments.

Thanks to the importance given to the quality from the first day it was founded and the desire to achieve an extremely difficult objective, the company has taken the initiatives in the slaughter systems in a short time and adopted the customer satisfaction as the basic principle and has never given up on this principle.

Çiçek Makina, working with the principle of "Ensuring success and continuity in production is achieved by honesty and quality in service", would like to thank our esteemed customers for your close interest and support and to share with you the excitement of signing new projects.